3 reasons why I love Fall


Is there any way I would pass this one up….. beautiful :P

Originally posted on My Simple Life:

Ah, autumn, the season where the leaves are turning colors and falling and the temperatures are slowly going from warm to chilly to freezing. Yesterday, I glanced at my calendar and realized the first day of fall this year is Tuesday, September 23. I was so happy because frankly, I am a little tired of the summer heat.

This past week, it felt like summer all over again. The temperature went over 90 degrees and I had nowhere to seek refuge this time. My aunt and cousin have taken over the basement and apparently, I will no longer be moving down there which sucks because mom and aunt are constantly busting into my room without knocking. I’m like do you ever knock and wait for the signal that it’s okay to come in? What if I am in the middle of something?

Anyway, I am really looking forward for…

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