Aim for IMPACT : Build your self a job (Step 4)


RED is the most eye catching color, which is the reason why, it is used most often to attract attention and to create dramatic effects.

Now that I have your attention, here is the next step in building yourself (a hobby turned into) a job.


You are going to ask, how can one do that?

Here, is the answer : Go out and meet people, talk about it with your friends, visit trade fairs, get a part time internship (on weekends) that may help you in building yourself into a niche, in the job you are grooming yourself to be. Ask around and join a short course into your hobby. Make friends who are also into the same hobby that you like so much. Remember, it is always worth it for polishing your skills. Friends that you can share your hobbies with help you in polishing your people skills and provide with critical knowledge of where your skill levels lie. Improve your skills.

AND the good part, ENJOY yourself (after all, this is your hobby : an area of interest that you are pursuing for solely gratifying yourself)

Good luck!

I hate Mondays. lolz


5 thoughts on “Aim for IMPACT : Build your self a job (Step 4)

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  1. I know people who were able to achieve their dreams by doing exactly what you wrote in this post. One doesn’t have to limit himself to job listings and interviews. I think if someone attracts enough attention to his skills, and builds a good portfolio, opportunities will come knocking on his door. Thanks for the wonderful post. 🙂


  2. Mmh, your last comment got me… join us for #CreativeMondays for some really creative collaboration that will make you look forward to Mondays. I love your posts, hats off for such a beautiful and inspiring blog.


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