The Bully and the Nerd: Part 2


For those who are not familiar with the concept of warring women, especially in the quite repressed passive-aggressive Victorian society way, Social Bullying is a concept perfected in the High school bully yard; oops I meant Schoolyard, the Cafeteria and the assorted teenager thronged parties. The pattern, however, translates similarly but with more subtlety for most of the upper management.

The people who bullied their weaker, but more intelligent counterparts, are much more likely to end up as future managers and CEOs?

That boss who one is more likely to toss out the window? Most people have those bosses. The hierarchy established in the school just acquires a bit more polish, becomes a bit just more legal by the contracts signed by the employees and the harassment takes more insidious undertones of unofficial but accepted understanding.

The sting to the smarting slap.

Those who don’t follow the bowing and the kowtowing, fall behind, often growing frustrated with the stagnancy of their careers.

What could one do to counteract this?

There are ways around every rock for flowing water. Just like that almost every annoying boss has an even more annoying boss. Reach out to them and then reap the rewards.

Happy Hunting!


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