A 1920s Advertisement : Says a lot about Beauty



Need I say more?


10 thoughts on “A 1920s Advertisement : Says a lot about Beauty

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  1. It’s like a giant cosmic joke or yo-yo. Rubenesque to scrawny to full figured to sculptured to airbrushed to heroin chic – someone is laughing somewhere you just know it. Appearances especially for women can cause so much hurt in a persons life.


    1. Dear Jenny
      The desirable traits change according to social dictates which are dictated by the elites i.e. those that have money, power, or both and they decide who gets to be in their inner circles.
      Yes, I agree; its a circus act that needs to be refreshed after a certain time to continue to earn money.


    2. The funny thing is…I am chubby. I totally admit it, it’s true! And I like being chubby. I have a nice chest, round hips and butt, very defined waist…I love my hourglass figure!
      Many brands do not offer an ordinary size 44. So I can’t wear all the brands. So what? There are other pretty clothes.
      And you know what, when I go out there may be guys who call me big, but even those tend to ‘slip’ when I stand in front of them after one or two drinks. They say what they know they’re supposed to, but I’ve never had much trouble getting guys. Unlike a size 32 friend of mine who starved herself to look ‘good’…
      There is a huuuge difference between being fat (and shapeless) and being curvy. Just like there is a massive difference between being nearly a sceleton and being slim.
      But for guys the difference between slim and curvy (not fat) is just one of personal preference, kind of like having black hair or blonde, or differences in height.


      1. That is an excellent point… Being similarly plus sized and never having to worry about guys is huge , pardon the pun 🙂


  2. How great is that? Since fashion seems to be cyclic maybe it will swing back the other way
    And you know guys have media pressure about our appearance too. Do you know how hard it is to get and maintain 6 pack abs?


    1. Yes healthy living seems to be clamoring to be let in the door (with some modifications) and yes I do know it is difficult to maintain an eight pack. Fun times for guys; I guess. 😉


  3. A lot also depends on the economic status of the country. When I went to Africa, they said I was too skinny for a “rich” American. After all, only rich people can afford to be fat…and boy did they want to be fat! Skinny people are poor and don’t have enough to eat.


    1. Oh yes! I remember that one. Good one.
      Being fat is considered a sign of being Rich and Fertile in some tribes (still); and in older times a fat female was the most sought after partner.


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