Investing and People

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Investing the money you have earned the hard way, is a way to insure that your money continues to pay for you, even when you are not working anymore. After-all, who doesn’t want the life of leisure.

There are three type of people that invest

1. The Alpha – You might have guessed. This type usually is the most successful type of investors.

2. The Beta – Moderately successful, but only when they have solid advisers on hand.

3. The Gamma – occasionally successful, but only on good advise which they often don’t trust, or have bad advisers all around them.

As one might predict from the above, the advice that you receive very often is the guiding factor in success and whom one trusts, might be their downfall.

Thinking like a rich man will get you nowhere, unless you have connections and information to back it up. It is a work in progress to maintain wealth.

P.S. Think like a millionaire: Get friends who are thinking like you.

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15 thoughts on “Investing and People

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      1. Yes, you do. When someone can tell nice like that, it’s really pleasure to see it. I have a friend, she is doctor of marketing but she can’t explain so simple. Einstein said “If you can’t explain simple, then you don’t understand too”


  1. Good advice there. It is really important for someone to decide who they hang out with. The people around you would influence you without you knowing it. Mix with people who are more successful than you, learn from them, take their advice, and you will be on your way to building wealth. Thanks Claudy.


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