Thoughts on an ex-best friend……….


Once upon a time, I thought I was tactless and stupid and senseless……… When you betrayed me, I thought it was because I wasn’t loyal or good enough…………. Years have passed since then…………. and I made new friends and grew.

Then I found that the faults actually lay in you………………..



13 thoughts on “Thoughts on an ex-best friend……….

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  1. It is amazing what growth and distance can do for us. Too many people, myself included, have spent too long beating ourselves up for what we though we did. Great post.


    1. Thank you for those amazing words………. There comes a time in our lives when we must bury our past and move on……… forgetting and letting go of regrets is usually the first step in healing……….


  2. I’ve had the same thing happen. And often it’s because you’ve long since grown apart and not even realised it. In the end it’s hard but often for the best, and it’s important to just look back on the special times you two had πŸ™‚


  3. Short and to the point. I have lost 2 best friends to date and for the most part I make a rule not to burn bridges I try to remain on good terms with everyone even if we drift. But with these two girls it has stayed with me for years wondering why I lost their friendship but then ultimately I know that forgiveness is in my heart and I don’t know why it’s not in theirs but that isn’t my flaw it’s theirs. To your point. Thank you.


    1. Sometimes we have to move on because people who have hurt us in the past are still capable of hurting us if we let them…….. There are always space in our hearts for new friends… better people……….


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