Changing into something new……


1. Should someone change?

This is a question that only the person in question can answer for themselves. The environment around a person, is generally a big contributor in turning normal people into problematic people.

2. Do they want to change / need to change?

The need to find peace, must come from within and from people they trust unflinchingly. People ,who have no stake in their life can preach day and night, but to face the problems, someone has to emotionally connect with them, sometimes rationally sometimes even irrationally.

3. Envision why do they need to change and how is change going to help them?

Helping a person in need of change requires engagement at multiple levels, sometimes emotionally sometimes financially and sometimes in terms of encouragement. The aim, must be to keep reaching for the prize and they surprise you with how far they  can walk.

4. Do they want to change big or go the gradual way?

Both processes need diligence, patience and endurance. The best way is to be supportive, but firm on issues that are non resolvable at times.

5. How to deal with the relapses in old behaviors?

Relapses are always going to occur. The length and strength however, depends on the amount of good support available to them. Small or big, problems can always be managed but managing people, is often done by gut instinct and loads of care.


6 thoughts on “Changing into something new……

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  1. I think that the first question in the post is not really necessary. Everyone is changing during her/his life. This process goes with different speed but it is unstoppable.
    I like your thoughts about how changes take place and who can help to make them.


    1. Changes happen all the time but a person isn’t always cognizant of them……people sometimes take pause and reflect what has happened to them over the years and sometimes see somethings that are not upto their liking…… they must want to correct their course………… love the life


  2. Love this post. It rings true for me, especially right now. Perhaps in response to the above comment, you could change “change” to “develop” or “grow”. As people can and do change also for the worse when they get older if they give up hope, get disappointed or feel useless due to obstacles they may have not been able to surmount.


    1. LOL I know……Growing old is inevitable growing up is optional…….. some people change for the worse….. some however change for good and grow… happy thoughts…


      1. Right! Growing up healthily – I think is knowing how to take responsibility for your actions but also being able to keep a spark of your younger self always alive. When you can stay in touch with that side, you know it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles you get! :LOL


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