Slaves Holding Their Own Key To Freedom

some very good points that relate to one of my previous articles

What The Rich Do

Slave There once was a slave who had a ball and chain around his ankle. He worked hard his whole life but never escaped. When he was 78 and getting very close to death he sat down and started studying his ball and chain. I mean really studying it. He looked at every piece of it and after 4 days he discovered a key hidden in a secret compartment of the ball. He wept with tears at it’s discovery because all his life he held the key to his own freedom and didn’t find it!! By the time he finally did his life was about to be over! He died sad wishing he never knew about the key in the first place!!

This could possibly be my most controversial post to date. It will not surprise me one bit if I get some nasty emails or challenges on this post. Please note…

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  1. I have just been through your blog and hand’t realized how I missed those I have just clicked ‘like’ to (and read I stress). My apologies – bad form and all that as I am really enjoying this blog!


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