The Gatekeeping Crusaders: The Bully and The Nerd 3


The Gatekeeping Crusaders is the kind of bullies that you will find everywhere; These are the people that usually hide behind serving a bigger cause (in their eyes) and in the name of that they would, make as much of a nuisance of themselves, as possible.

You will find them, in your house (tut-tutting mamas, in laws and assorted relatives that you have to deal with, during the holidays), in your place of work (nosy coworkers, nosy spies, do gooders who do no good, nosy bosses), to people you only encounter once in a while (over the top religious propagandists included).

These people are often stickler for the rules, they take inordinate pleasure in other people’s pain, while making them jump through hoops of rules and often makes your life unpleasant. A large quantity of these are females (I am hazarding a guess this is, because they are taught to fear the rules more).

How to recognize these people?

People like these, often stand out by how much they cozy up to their bosses, or the people directly in charge. These are the ones that show extra religious fervor in church or religious gatherings, agree with the ridiculous policies of their bosses and implement them on unsuspecting customers and hapless coworkers often with their bosses support (malls and customers services), and flatter a certain chosen group with extra benefits. They will also have a inner circle of like minded people (they like the anonymity and strength of a bunch just like any bully).

How to deal with these people?

1. Fight fire with fire: Gather your own allies and open war. As good as this sounds, it may not always be feasible, but a majority of time, this works as a good counter.

2. Suffer quietly and gather evidence and if possible, support of other sufferers. This approach has a large probability of working, but some suffering in the name of justice, is essential.

3. Go to their superior: This may or may not work. It has an even odds of backfiring, because many times the lower staff are implementing the unsaid policy of upper management, in the name of cutting costs.

4. Get a lawyer.

Enjoy the weekend!



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