Common sense is expensive

What is the reason that most people fail to exercise common sense………. especially in the matters that affect them financially………………?

The truth is that common sense is expensive.

What is the cost of common sense, one may ask? It is a reasonable mixture of paranoia, fear, caution and predictive ability and helps in making of a  very successful person. That and the experts who have very good knowledge of the investing instruments and how much one trusts their word, can make or break a few eggs in one’s portfolio.

The reason I said that common sense is expensive, is that it takes a lot of conscious effort and time to train one’s brain to act and think for profit making scenarios. Yes! your brain can be trained and yes, you can make a lot of money after and while doing it.

It also involves taking risks; which a lot of people shy away from or they take bad advice too quickly and make investments, which end up in them losing their money.

Remember! Research! and take second opinions.

Don’t forget to answer today’s question- what is the correct price for a magazine that you might consider buying?

Good luck in the new financial year.




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