Size matters (ego and other things……..)

The size of an ego, is often the anvil the deflates people’s finances.

A recent survey found that almost 70% of the people who inherit their wealth, end up losing it, as compared to their parents, who built it up in their lifetimes. How is that possible, one may ask? As it is seen, these people attend good school and universities, and yet they lose most of their inheritances.

It is often said that the hurdles and hardships in life, build character….. it also creates a certain blood-thirst within an individual, to succeed while coddling and indolence combined with excesses, often brings a person down. It is imperative therefore, that children must face a certain amount of hindrances, in their lives, in order to build tolerance and appreciation for their lot in their life.

That brings me to the point of today. People who have big egos are often those that end up making wrong financial decisions at the worst possible times………….. Ergo, the size of one’s ego matters…….

Remember! Opportunity often lies on the other side of the door…………..if your head is too big you won’t be able to walk in…….

Don’t forget to answer today’s question- what is the correct price for a magazine that you might consider buying?

Bon voyage!


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