…lest we get hurt…..

don’t open your heart to strangers

lest you get hurt in the darkness

and you will never even know who has hurt you so much

don’t bleed for those who show no mercy

for their kindness is not meant for you

hold your heart and clench it in your hands

so that you may mend them someday

….the cracks in your soul……… lest you get hurt again.

It is just something that is meant to take the edge off some bad feelings that have cropped up. Have a happy Tuesday. I am going to watch crappy emo TV pig out on my couch…….


7 thoughts on “…lest we get hurt…..

Add yours

    1. hi Leyla …… I sort of got a written whiplash with someone talking offense at one of my heartfelt comments….. it was not a good experience…….so I wrote the sort of poem in order to get rid of bad thoughts, made myself a cheese omelet (my fav) and watch a lot of ridiculous over the top TV
      it always manages to cheer me up……….lol


    1. Thank you. I feel very deeply; so I try not to get affected by someone accusing me of bad mouthing them.Sometimes we have to learn to roll with the punches. Feeling infinately better now. Have a good Tuesday


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