What I’m Wondering this Wednesday.

Unload and Unwind

just-wondering What I’m wondering this Wednesday is precisely how does our state and federal government have the unmitigated gall to call for a boycott of an ‘ice-cream ‘ company by saying they are bad for the Reef related Tourism.  This company, Ben & Jerry , are protesting the proposed dumping and dredging on the reef and offering free ice-cream to those protesters who come to have their say, obviously they fall into the category of the ‘ evil doe r’.

It’s a head scratcher I can tell you. I’ve been noodling this little conundrum for the past 24 hours and I’m still unsure about how things have ended up with what is basically a PR smack-down between Ice Cream and Government.

Qld-government-logo-thumbWhoever picked this battle on behalf of Minister Andrew Powell should be taken in for an immediate psych eval as there is no possible force on earth that could possible…

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