Planning for the future……….

Lives are not endless; sooner or later they all slow down and then come to halt.

What one needs to understand is that while they can work well during  their heydays’, there is always going to be one day when one would have to slow down, before stopping permanently. Efficient planning today, can save you a lot of trouble in your twilight years.

The trouble with most of the current generation doesn’t lay in their earning potential. It lies in the fickle  expenditure and the plethora of things that they want in order to show off their status. The rule of the thumb that I would use in these situation ‘ If you aren’t born in a family with a family lawyer, then get one yourself’.

Or get one that can help you with small projects and test them out. If they work well with you, then start consulting them with financial planning.

Another rule that I often use ‘ People lose more money by not utilizing all that that have been in their reach because they are afraid of losing too much’ . It is a pity because as people we are conditioned as ‘one in hand is better than two in the bush’. People with fear usually don’t earn as much because they are often too afraid to  grab that opportunity that some else without fear will willingly take on. Fear turns them into bitter people, who hold on to whatever they have with extreme prejudice.


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