Fabrication d’une rose en collant / Nylon Rose – mini careers series……

Another mini- career options that confirms my belief in ‘teaching a man to fish’ ……………..


21 thoughts on “Fabrication d’une rose en collant / Nylon Rose – mini careers series……

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  1. Sorry to bother you. I blog – I think I mentioned it yesterday – under Mike Steeden and follow your excellent blog. The thing is when I have ‘liked’ under this blog I also write for it seems said ‘likes’ aren’t showing up! Odd – can you let me know if they have shown up on your blog. Plainly I do not wish you to think of us as discourteous!


    1. Hi Mike
      There may been several reasons for your problem… most likely reason- wordpress has a like counter that’ll only process a certain number of likes in a given time period


      1. Strange thing! The little picture thing that comes up when I click ‘like’ on your blog doesn’t come out – when I click on said picture it takes me to a random widget page. Weird – best I go on a WordPress forum and sort this out. It is only happening on your blog…..must be something I said!


      2. Still having new troubles with likes from LOMM to your blog. 3 days in a row I’ve liked what I read and liked on Mike Steeden and each day I do it again. Weird. Have today’s attempts appeared – sorry about this. Mike


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