Bootstrapping a Startup……..

be bold

This is an old story, when they had no banks

A young man wanted to start a business. He went to ask for a loan from a wealthy local merchant for his business venture.

The merchant was busy; so the man waited in the parlor and heard shouting from the merchant’s office.

The wealthy merchant was yelling at another young man, whom he had previously given some money to start a business.The man had lost his business due to bad decisions.

‘You son are a fool.’ the merchant yelled,’ A man with brains can start a business with a alley rat and become successful….. come back when you are determined to succeed and work hard. Until then……..’

The man in our story walked out of the house and went into the alley and started to think……

He went and saw the owners of the nearby barns and offered to catch the rats in their barns for a very small sum. Several of the owners accepted. The young man fashioned several rat traps from the wood from the farms and started to work…….

Several months later, he had saved enough money to buy better rat traps and expanded his business……. By selling the rats to feed animals in the local zoo.

Several years later………..He started to breed exotic rats to be sold as pets while maintaining his original businesses….. He was now, a very wealthy man.

A decade later ……………..He married, got a big house and was wealthy…..

Then he went to see the man who had inspired his business and told him his story…. Also, he gifted to his unknowing mentor ‘A Rat’…… made of Gold.


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