Evolution of strategy…….


It is often said that ‘No plan survives the contact with the enemy’.

Many times, it also becomes true for those who are starting up their first business.  When it comes to a start-up business, each and every one has a battle-plan so to speak .i.e A plan of action and execution.

Just as I said before, the battle plan may not always work…… then comes the need to tweaking your original strategy to fit your unique position, Leveraging all your options (falling short of the desired  mark ups) and improving upon the existing products with a very tight margin of error……

Hitting the deadlines on time and getting the product out of the door can be a nightmare…..One that would be lived over and over; with that however comes the true strength of the partnerships. Strong teams refocus and march forward while the one holding over tenuously fall apart…..When that happens it is up to the Leader to restructure and organize the efforts to galvanize those with strong motives.

Lesson: What can go wrong will go wrong; It is upto you and your team to steer relentlessly…… Whatever happens… 😀



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  1. I can’t believe I found someone else on WP who knows about Commander’s Intent! What are the odds? I encountered it in Made To Stick.
    Your opening quote originated in the army, but every parent knows it applies to daily life with small kids. Not that they’re the enemy, of course, they just have a very different agenda than the adults ‘in charge’.
    And in business.
    A simple strategy to get everyone focused on the primary goal dramatically increases the prospect of success.


    1. Hi Kelly!

      What can I say. I am a woman of the war. Most of the challenges we face in life can be solved by similar strategies used in different fields…. a trick I picked up reading about war strategies and amusingly enough sports 😛


      1. I read an article about the five different kinds of thinkers. You sound like the ‘Synthesizer’. They grasp a concept and see its application in a completely different sphere. They’re the ‘think outside the box’ people. Sound like you?


      2. YUP! That sounds like me alright. I have fingers in many pies and different degrees in different fields and I interchange strategies all the time……. 😛


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