Muhammad Yunus – A History of Microfinance

One of the men that can think in entirely different way than the rest of the world and make it work.


14 thoughts on “Muhammad Yunus – A History of Microfinance

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  1. Oh, how I am thankful that you have posted this!

    This gentlemen is a genius.

    His thinking could change the whole finance world system, but his problem is- the finance world system.

    As it usually goes, the greatest ideas are almost always hatred, because they are “getting” in someone’s way.

    This is why we still pay our electricity bills.
    Nikola Tesla invented the form of bringing the electricity into every home – wirelessly.

    And he had been killed, for sure. Why?
    Because of having ideas that were getting in the way.

    Thank you for Mr.Yunus, I truly admire him.


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      1. I’m counting on that kind of people, just like Mr.Yunus. πŸ™‚

        Ever since I’ve heard of him, couple of years ago, I was amazed.

        We need more visionary people these days, that’s for sure.



      2. They rarely got exposure in yesteryear’s because the media is controlled by people with money….
        Now, youtube and internet are newshungry 24×7 hence the exposure.


  2. I agree with you.

    I’m not watching the TV, or read the newspapers.

    More true information is on the internet.

    When something goes viral also, there’s nothing that can stop it.


  3. when he came to our campus(UofT)
    I have had an urge to add a little to this humanity than taking a little from it. It took me time to meet someone to share the same ideals with till when I learned about Prof.Yunus. He makes more sense to me. I am now reading “BUILDING SOCIAL BUSINESS, THE NEW KIND OF CAPITALISM THAT SERVES HUMANITY written by him and “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP” BY David Bornstein and Susan Davis also about him.


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