If you are not size 0…..

If you are not size 0.....


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  1. I can’t, for the life of me, understand the way women’s clothing is sized. Size 0? What does that mean? Zero means nothing, naught, zippo, zilch. So how can something exist and be zero? That’s crazy.


      1. Yes, and that’s why it’s so difficult for a man to buy clothes for women. Sizes of women’s clothing has no basis in reality and is totally without logic or rationality. All one can say is that a size 6 is larger than a size 4 but smaller than a size 8. And I have no idea what that translates to in the real world.


      2. Dear Doobster

        I sympathize with your plight….. but I believe you cannot empathize…..

        Let me clarify……. when the patriarchal religion and tribe took over most of the world some 2000 years ago or such,they preferred weak women (small size, low self esteem etc.) These qualities were preferred and encouraged socially……..

        The system still persists and most women comply with it because it is easier to go with the flow than fight and be labelled a troublemaker;

        They compensate for low self esteem by buying physical adornments that serve to enhance their status among other women……..

        Hence size 0, vanity sizing, High heels, push up bras ….
        Men would have to stop judging a girl by her hotness before they complain of her shopping…..

        I hope that clears it up for you…… I do not want to offend …… but this is the actual truth. πŸ™‚


      3. So it sounds like you’re blaming this size 0 thing on men. I don’t think so…and I still don’t get it.

        Now I’m making these numbers up, but let’s just stipulate for the sake of this comment, that size 8 is a decent (normal?) size for a woman. And let’s further say that this decent, normal woman’s waist measures 26.” If this is not normal or decent, don’t be pissed at me because I have no clue.

        And lets say she wants to buy a pair of jeans and her inseam is 22″ (inseam measured from crotch to bottom of jeans). Why not size that as 26×22?

        That’s the way men’s sizes work. If I have a 34″ waist with a 32″ inseam, my size is 34×32. Easy peasy.

        I don’t understand why there are these made up numbers and what vanity has to do with it. It would be so much easier for a man to buy a pair of jeans for his wife or girlfriend if he knew her jeans size was 26×22 instead of a “size 8.” That’s meaningless.


      4. Like I said…. you cannot empathize……It’s because you are thinking like a logical person…… women evolved a sneakier approach to everything because their lives were over regulated….. this is just one example… THAT is why I said that women have a secret language that men will not understand…… it is an evolutionary thing……


  2. As someone who used to work in retail and sell size 0 clothes, I still find it baffling but not worth worrying over. Hotness is a terrible word, as you know because you’ve read my blog on the same topic. And women are meant to have curves. Beauty is not just physical damn it. But it’s too entrenched in our psyche now to have people think any other way.


    1. Hi Geraint
      As a woman who has never fit into size
      zero, I was very happy to post this. I have always maintained that happiness does not depend on body or material wealth……


      1. And you are absolutely right. I work in a profession that will never see me into the higher echelons of wage earners, and I’m fine with that. I don’t have a fancy car, a flashy apartment, or any other thing like that. I find wealth in travel, in people, and usually in writing.


      2. Happiness often eludes people who want the next big thing……. they live a hollow, if bright on the outside existence;
        Cherish what you have; Be Happy πŸ˜€


  3. Size Zero? That’s a “please go and eat a cheeseburger” size.
    Images of hot women don’t phase me. Nor do women around the office. I’m married, but I’m also an intelligent male who stopped drinking the Kool Aid years ago about body image and forced societal behaviours. I hate seeing attractive people having the world handed to them for doing minimal work but are successful only because of how they look. That’s complete bullsh*t. It’s what’s between your ears that really matters. If you got nothing going on upstairs then all these “hot” women are just sexual fantasies and nothing more. I find it sad, really. A very superficial society and it’s a shame.


    1. Hi
      The world is kind of superficial…… I have accepted that…….. the rest, well rests on how people use what they have and leverage it the best possible way….. Looks fade with time…… brain lasts longer πŸ˜€


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