How to rob a bank: William Black

Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.


26 thoughts on “How to rob a bank: William Black

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      1. Think and do it some more…… it is because people have been ignoring it for so long that the people in power became so blatant……. they have been forgetting that they do not live in a system where they are feudal lords…. think it, teach it or we may end up in a feudal system once again…..


      2. The tour guides were quite open discussing the government and freely explained it’s grasp had somewhat relaxed. The people don’t care who rules so long as they promise a better life.


      3. The media and the press, along with internet are heavily edited….. and complainers go to jail……. I would not call that peaceful….. (not to mention the underworld; the drug and prostitution rackets and all the jazz that comes along with it)….


      4. Yes if you want to see the real country talk to ordinary people…. listen to them while they eat and talk in restaurants, read their papers and the public reactions…. you will see a different country than that is projected to the tourists….. Bon voyage and happy hunting


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