Herb Cohen, author “You Can Negotiate Anything”

He was a thinker in an era when there was official rules for everything and everything had to be done a certain way……


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  1. We need to keep applauding such independent thinkers.. or else our ability to applaud anything will suddenly be marginalised. I can feel it happening already…. So thank you for what you have posted. Its nothing to do with agreeing.. although we may… its all to do with the expression and sharing of views.. unencumbered by media and advertising or government or the commercial sector.


    1. Hi Johndwm
      Independent thinkers, I am afraid are rare creatures who scarcely poke their head out without being pounced by either corporates or the big-bad govt. guys…… This guy seemed to sprout in an era where the phenomenon I just mentioned wasn’t even born and look what he made of himself…… People like him are out there, Hope I can find more……


  2. Actually most independent thinkers get ignored, corporately, politically , poetically, artistically .. Incorporation is the SECOND line of attack. Its always been the British way. That is since the English Revolution in the 1700s but even here it is the fallback position of the established order. I am not however saying everything about the established order is bad.. that is another discussion… Best … John


    1. Dear John
      Not anymore…. that was the old times…. times have changed…. people are beginning to realize and learn faster thanks to the internet and the data connectivity …. I am the product of the backward times too but the world now and the world 10 years ago is so different….
      Today we have crowd funding too…… πŸ˜€ which is shaking up the corporates and most importantly the banks…..
      best wishes….


      1. I admire your hope and half full glass… Putting the positive – However I see another picture as well as the one you portray. I see the original thinkers of the streets still hurled remorselessly down by the rich and supposedly powerful – full of their self righteous hate… I see the creatives blundered to death by the free thinking hate market . Im not against big business but Im against its institutionalisation that destroys the talent and creativity of many individuals. I work to reverse that! Hey! John


      2. Oh Yes. That is why I fight and pray for transformation where every person is important and not a jot on a piece of paper and where people are not juiced in the prejudice of others because of their problems. Much can be achieved Must be achieved through kicking aside the odious stench of corruption that condemns and seeding hope where there was none!


      3. that is a matter of perspective….. do you want humanity to move to the next level or remain stuck in what they think is a progressive industry….. you have to break this devil from the inside….
        When you cannot win them, join them.


      4. Exactly Motive is all. If you are joining them to brak them and your perspective is that you know humanity needs them to be broken then joining them is an ethical step. Like Shindler and others who knew this was the only way to achieve anything for people within Nazi Germany… Am I on the right track regarding your thoughts or am I haywire!!?


      5. I agree but I don’t agree with options that minnionise! Minnionising people simply perpetuates the systemic bullying methodologies of the global and national systems founded on greed selfishness, megolamania etc I don’t want to experiment with options like that. The entire world seethes with this abuse already. My interest is genuine apostacy from these disgusting assumptions of the world’s myriad unethical versions of the status quo!


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