Can the world outlive the usefulness of poverty?

This was the today’s topic, in the discussion I had today, with a ‘person’. She is a fierce and highly optimistic ‘person’, who provided the argument in favor of abolishing poverty, while I was my jaded self trying to provide a reasonable defense…… She has a reasonable plan; but as I have said before ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy’; especially, one that is united in its desire to hold onto power and money and everything else, they think matters.

I personally believe that we can do this; however, the motivation to outlive poverty, must come from the people, who face it in their lives and see it everyday, because the elite class is never going to let the world move on………. and they will screw over any process, meant to do so …..

What is your opinion?


6 thoughts on “Can the world outlive the usefulness of poverty?

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  1. A friend of mine has two children: the boy wants to eliminate poverty, the girl wants to eliminate the poor (!)
    Poverty is indeed useful to many. (Even some of the poor) If one sees poverty in the (third) world today, one my doubt it will ever be defeated. However, a quick look back in time at 18 or 19 century Europe is helpful. the poverty there was as bad as it is today elsewhere… i’ll have to mull the question and get back to you. Any background? (I feel I’m getting in late at the meeting!) 🙂
    Have a great week-end!


    1. Dear Brian
      I was leading a discussion on the merits and demerits of capitalism and its effects on the world with friends. We disagreed on several points on of which was a possible method to curtail the excesses of capitalism …..
      One of my friends proposed a possible solution which is mathematically elegant and very possible but in the real world with corruption and greed, I didn’t think it would work without real muscle-power and bankroll…….. We will need either an army or a revolution to support the model which is impossible for us at the moment

      The other point was the displacement of poverty during and after the industrial revolution from the first world to the third world……… the first world steals, bullies and appropriates most of the earth’s resources, paid for by the extreme poverty and hard work done in the third world, also known as outsourcing……


      1. Hi K.S. An apology for not answering quickly. (I’ve been a bit swamped and am leaving for Paris tonite!!!!!!! 🙂
        This a very interesting discussion I’d like to come back to at a later time. (I’m also reworking a past research of mine to identify correlated factors with GDP and GDP per capita… Just a bit long. Now, the interesting thing is that one the factors most highly – inversely – correlated with GDP per capita is corruption. 😦 Let’s keep in touch. Meanwhile, have a great week. What’s left of it! Plus a great week-end!
        be good


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