The significance of the seven pieces of Voldemort’s soul


Divide and conquer or as they say divide and rule are perhaps the cornerstones of military and political strategy.

Any villain worth his salt, say such as Dark Lords in the famous Novels (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) hid parts of themselves away, which ultimately, enabled them to come back to the mortal realms.

What is the relevance of the seven pieces of Voldemort’s’ soul in today’s world?

The world that we see around us, is divided. Along the lines of region, ethnicity, race, religion and so on. Further along the road the scientists, the knowledge seekers, are divided by the area of their specialization. There are very few people that can find and unite the scientific data in different fields, with any degree of coherence. What we live in, is an era of specialists and super-specialists.

Putting the Humpty-Dumpty back together

The business world on the other hand, thrives less on knowledge and more on the application of the said knowledge, in order to turn them into profits. The leaders at the very top, need to put all the clues together and push the company in a direction that is both desirable and profitable; not quite unlike the generals of military and the ministers in the government.

To be a leader in a business

It is tough to lead a business. Leadership in any scenario is a mix of intuition, aptitude and intricate knowledge of business and its inner workings. It is like putting together the pieces of puzzles together and then motivating your employees to get the things done.

Happy Hunting!

Find the missing pieces 😀

Knowledge is all around us; all you have to do is LISTEN!



10 thoughts on “The significance of the seven pieces of Voldemort’s soul

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    1. I agree… I feel that there is not much that is discovered as much as being rediscovered by a new generation because the previous ones forgot the lessons or locked them up in the archives.


  1. Or perhaps the 7 represented the number of deadly sins? I have found that individual people are puzzles in and amongst themselves and you have to arrange them first before trying to assemble the larger group puzzle.


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