Amanda Palmer: The art of asking


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  1. That’s pretty interesting. She really makes good use of social media. People working as human statues were really common in Madrid, Spain when we lived there, and we saw several in Paris last year. I never see them around Albuquerque. I think it only works well in big cities and busy tourist places. I don’t go to Santa Fe enough to notice if there are any human statues working the plaza.


    1. I have never been there either….. but it is an impressive speech and inspiring……. I have often seen people dressed up as living statues in near vicinities of malls and bazaar streets……so they are not that rare.


      1. There may be some living statues in malls around here, but since I haven’t been to a local mall in the past 10 years or more, I couldn’t say. Now there are a lot of beggars on street corners round downtown and several of the on and off ramps for I-25 and I-40.


    1. I agree….. it brought home to me the fact that so many people are uncomfortable with asking…… the shame factor…. she is proud of it…. as she should be…. ๐Ÿ˜›


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