This kind of grabbed my eyeballs………. considering that I more than usual lean toward the male mindset…….



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8 thoughts on “Depression

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    1. I once did a complete scientific psychological analysis based upon my own experiences coupled with some other people…. Yes it is miserable but sometimes it is necessary to understand what you were doing for a living was slowly killing you anyways….


      1. Men don’t often get the support that they need…… more like that nobody had tried to research the facts or the reason were mostly attributed to the stress of working life…. it is only now that more research is being conducted in multiple closely related fields that can differentiate between the data, the facts have come to light….


      2. Nope coz that would be the sensible thing to do…… depression is a way to indicate that a person is destabilized and that gives people a good handle to use to manipulate other people (similar to PR standing)…


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