Leadership, Worth and Self portraits…….


How much is a person worth?

The measure of a person’s worth is different in the eyes of different people. Is a minimum wage earner successful? The answer may be no in the eyes of many people, but maybe that minimum wage earner has gotten responsibilities from an early age. He or she may be a devoted father or mother who work hard to give their children a better future. So, are they successful? Maybe, they are.

Is a Director or CEO of a company successful? Success in professional life often comes at an expense of personal life and relationships. Their spouses and children are unhappy with them spending so much time away from them, and at their jobs which eventually leads to breakdowns of so many relationships. Are they happy? Maybe they aren’t.

Balanced people often get stuck in a rut because maintaining the status quo becomes their sole objective in their lives. There are bills to be paid, relationships to be nurtured and bosses to satisfied. Are they happy or successful? Maybe. Maybe not.

Our leaders are flawed people, who have made many sacrifices to become leaders in their chosen field. Their path however, is not necessarily the only one to be followed, in order to arrive at the same point. One can choose a different path, make different choices and yet become what they wish to be.

We are the architect of our own happiness. We decide the amount of wealth that we are happy with, with relationships that satisfy us. We are responsible for the choices we make.

Happiness comes from within. Looking around us and accepting that our choices lead us where we end up in life at any given time is the only way for an optimistic life.


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  1. That’s a great post! We tend to always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but sometimes those who appear to have it all aren’t very happy. How we define success in this world is a bit messed up.


  2. A great post. (Net) worth is now basically measured monetary-wise.
    Same goes with products. One assumes the most expensive ones on the shelf are the best quality.
    Are they?
    Now… “leaders”… self-appointed generally… most of those are worthless. And that’s equal opportunity, third world and “developed nations. Yet “leaders” have “followers.” or standers-by? The recent atrocities in Mexico seem to leave everyone indifferent.
    Which is why to the WP word “follower” i prefer “sharer”.
    Thanks for sharing tis post with us! 🙂
    Take care


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