Just need to live with some humor….


Had a mixed day today at the job….. and at home …. well, This morning I was a peacock and now …. 😦


30 thoughts on “Just need to live with some humor….

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  1. That was a good one. Don’t worry: tomorrow you will reincarnate into a peacock. Or a bird of paradise. Have a nice week-end.


      1. Too much work and unreliable help is kinda jerking me around a lot …. The perks of running a fledgling business.. I will try though πŸ™‚

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      2. Sigh! One person out of place and domino effect is in full swing….. It may end up in lot of good but until it does its belly up .. Lolz

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      1. Definitely. And as far as the world is concerned recruitment (of politicians) is a major failure. 😩


      2. Glad we reached an agreement. :)😎 let’s hope the rest of the day will be filles with wonders. 😳


      3. Should be over by now. There’s a mexican proverb that says “No hay mal que dure cien aΓ±os” (No evil/bad thing ever lasts a hundred years!) :()


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