At a low…..

I have been harassed by a cop and his associates  because I refused his children a full ride to my institute for the last six months. today was a particularly low point ……. He and his wife have filed a fake case against the institute and started threatening us. I am hungry, tired and pissed….



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    1. I am well! I am sorry to be replying so late. I have recently been very busy helping my students cram for the examinations rush at my center. Also getting ready to open my first preschool. The paper works is awful. But I am done with the lion’s share of the work, so it should be easier to get back online now.

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      1. well trying to open a new school isn’t an easy process in a country with a lot of red tape and very little information available in the public domain without bribes….. very tedious and potentially draining on both money and time.


      1. I haven’t had a lot of time lately to be online; something I am hoping not to happen again….. can’t make promises to get back soon either… hoping for the best. 😀


    1. Not resolved yet. I have filed a complaint against the corrupt officer and his cohorts….. it is a long wait now for the legal system to churn over and work.

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    1. Yes it has 🐝 in our favour. I am sort of back for a bit before more meetings line up again. The work is tough but very rewarding and it has been a good year so far. I will try to post semi regularly from now onwards.

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