The war of resources

How many times in the last week have you heard about human population being out of control. There are different schools of thoughts on how to control it.

The first is has been in operation since thousands of years… that is cull it using a war. In theory, it reduces the pressure of a resource crunch immediately. In practice, every war extracts an emotional and monetary cost that has been known to bankrupt kingdoms, destroy civilizations, promote behaviors that the future historians will find repulsive etc.

The second one postulates that with access to medical, educational and monetary incentives the population will in future will go down. The problem with this one is that it is a slow process requiring a lot of money and a lot of patience.

If history is any indication, then people in general like quick solutions. One will only need to see how many wars have been fought in the last couple of decades and their aftermaths to see the monetary cost, the public outcry and the traumatized civilizations.

What’s your opinion? Which option would you choose?

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