About : Authors

The various authors are a dynamic group  widely distributed around the world featured on this blog.
K.S. (Editor) on her best days is a Scientist, that studies the world and has designed systems to ease Poverty, Inequality and in general, Help People. She has spent the last decade and a half trying to find their root causes and annoying other Scientists, Professors, Bloggers and general populace with her ideas of curing the maladies that cause and promote General Ignorance and Stupidity.  She specializes in ‘Behind the curtain’s view of the world of Finance, Negotiations and Power; How to Observe, Analyze and Rank your rivals; Trends in Business; and, Confidence building’. Drop an email at ksfinblog@gmail.com.
On her worst days, she thinks that she can write.


‘Think like a millionaire’ is the motto of this blog group, which supports the effort to educate normal people about the various twists and turns of the evolving a strong financial sense, start a business and run it by leveraging all possible resources.

We are coordinating a magazine that is going to be coming out soon….. watch the blog for updates……

Welcoming a new guest author and sometimes moderator http://rohanrathore.com/blog

For those who are sending us their articles. https://ksfinblog.wordpress.com/updates/

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We are looking for new contributors in almost all areas of publishing and wish to grow that network exponentially in the coming future. Authors who wish to contribute original content are welcome to contact us.

How you think has the potential to make you or ruin you.

Contact : ksfinblog@gmail.com



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