Discover new frontiers and ways to enhance your creativity. We aim to teach you how to enhance your creativity and earn money though your hobbies.

If you wish to contribute as an author, we welcome you all to write to your hearts content and get exposure and help from other writers, making connections that will last you a long time.

Weave a web

Vision for the future

Welcoming a new guest author and sometimes moderator http://rohanrathore.com/blog

Update : For all those who are mailing me with queries; Our e-magazine is likely to be launched  very soon (monthly). Those who wish to advertise may also contact us at ksfinblog@gmail.com. 

A tentative guideline had been worked out. All those who want to submit their articles or all those who have already done so (kindly be patient); please send

1. Photographs of good resolution (They will be sized for the article)

2. An undertaking that your content is original and infringes no known copyright.

3. A brief resume with working links.

4. Articles should be of 1000- 4000 words.

The various Topics that we have chosen to include in the magazine (Tentative list) are –

1. Finance  (from a layperson’s perspective, economy and its impact on an average household, the price points of living in the current world, economic predictions)

2.  Startups and businesses (Feature in small startups)

3. Political impact on financial outputs.

4. Fashion, Food, Relationships and Home improvement.

If you are a niche writer you can propose a new column, with asummarized article attached.


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