Be kind………….

Be kind.............


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      1. Being a human is hard work…. so many people loose that part of themselves and content themselves with being the mask that they portray to their bosses, friends and even their spouses….. It is worth a smile to help someone in need because in that one second we feel that we can make a difference in the world full of pain and suffering….

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      2. I agree with you completely.

        I have changed my attitude a lot lately. I have been kind before, but now I am really trying to bring out the best of me.

        Voulonteering as for an example.

        I want to be called human in the end, so maybe others will follow my and other “humans” examples of kindness.



      3. I hope your words will come true. πŸ™‚

        Because of my illness, the hope is for me a little strange thing, and I do not rely on it, but the love is eternal and indestructible.



      4. Yes, as all of us have different paths, so our struggles and fights cannot be the same.
        What connects us is the will, hope, love and kindness, if you are that kind of a human.


      5. Yes….as the whole world needs one big lecture .
        And sadly, we do live in the era of personal gratification.
        It’s the most admirable and accepted by the most people.


      6. I didn’t mean that you are a prophet…it would be too much.
        It needs just a little more empathy and intelligence to understand what’s going around us, as you say, I just observe.
        By observing you can see a lot of things.
        And people do not observe anymore.
        They only look at themselves.


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