Poverty: A System Design flaw or a Designed flaw


Poverty, as it stands is not just a matter of financial hardship for people. As far as the experience suggests, in it’s modern avatar, it is an imposed ‘psychological stress’ that is systemically imposed on a certain section of society.

Relation between socialistic stress and its correlation to poverty  is very much evident……… Here’s the skinny

Poverty is a designed flaw in the system

Muhammad Yunus – A History of Microfinance

Scoff, as one might do and do often, most people are surprised to learn this tiny fact of life. In fact, living in a capitalist society as most of us do, most of the systems are designed to fail and fail at regular intervals.

Look around yourself: the computer programs that constantly need to be upgraded on your laptop in order to keep it functional; the newest trends in the fashion that one must buy, to be seen as cool/hip (men and women), the latest mobile phone and other gadgets…….. They are all designed for one specific purpose….. Taking money away from you.

People who understand this little fact, can comprehend the value of their hard earned money and invest wisely; people who don’t understand this, end up losing their money.

Poverty is a designed flaw in the system

Coming back to my original point no-one, and I definitely mean NO-one wants to get rid of poverty. Why?

The significance of the seven pieces of Voldemort’s soul

1. Humans who are poor and those who don’t want to turn up poor, often become morally flexible (Looking at the list of crimes that you can find at any given time in media- specifically the white collar crime).

2. The poor people, often serve in jobs that are menial and very low paying. I was recently watching a BBC documentary which documented the various laws that kept people in the very poor section of the society, locked in their society and on welfare. The problem wasn’t that the people were incompetent or lazy, but that the local laws were written in a way, that trapped them into welfare/very low payment jobs.

How to get out of the mouse trap…..

There are ways out of it…. the most often taken road is education, the second is learning a trade /business/ investment and others (to be discussed later)….

How to HELP People get out of the mouse trap…..

Teach them the ways to survive in the ever changing world that most people keep missing…… Inspire others to do the same.




41 thoughts on “Poverty: A System Design flaw or a Designed flaw

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  1. It’s a subject well worthy of posting about, of course; and I put my faith in education. As to how to take education to the masses … chissà ? Perhaps first remove religion …


  2. Awesome! I love intellectual and logical posts and approaches to society. I think that the special interests groups (who are comprised most of companies) encourage poverty in their own conglomerates to give the CEOs and board members millions of dollars each every year. If they can pay politicians to benefit them–which has been going on for over a hundred years and is only getting worse–and especially if the government covers it up a trickle down economics, then the decline in society is destined to worsen.

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  3. I actually once thought about this, after studying Economics for one at varsity where they teach you about hierarchy. The fact that someone has to be at the bottom for everything to balance, it’s a system design flaw.

    Great post 🙂


      1. We can’t afford another depression some countries are still trying to get back up from the last depression. The poor countries will forever be poor because of this system.

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  4. That’s one way of looking at it. I think of Money as an invention that was created to subjugate, divide, control and categorise humans. Who decides the “value” of a person? The Banks do. The Banks say that Mr X with his billions is worth more than Mr Y with only a few hundred in his account. Some can see how that is a fallacy, while others cannot. The Banks say “Mrs A is a doctor so she is a valuable person, so we will give her more money than Mrs B who works for McDonalds”…and so Mrs A is held in more esteem than Mrs B by society. It’s all wrong! But that’s just my humble opinion.


  5. As long as there are humans, there will be poverty and slavery. That’s the unfortunate truth. For people who don’t see that slavery comes in many forms, how many college students with $90,000+ loans will be debt slaves for the remainder of their lives?

    A lot of the items we purchase were made with slave labor or sweatshops in other countries. The difference is, it’s not where we have to look at it and therefore it’s out of sight and out of mind for many people.

    This doesn’t make it right. It simply is to show that as much as we complain about social injustice and slavery, each and every one of us allows it in one form or another.

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    1. Thank you for the comment….. however innovation has in the past beaten entrnched systems before…. it is only that not enough people are trying hard enough that we are languishing in a dying system. TRY…. Dare…… 😀


      1. Thanks for getting the mental juices flowing. 🙂

        In the 1960’s many of us former hippies strived for social justice and actively tried to keep our population down. Unfortunately, the world didn’t follow our lead.

        Each generation thinks “we can do things better” by adopting an “A” government or “Z” government. If you can think of it, it’s been tried before and failed for the same reasons. As long as there is not a singular beneficial purpose that most of humanity can agree upon, and will put forth the effort to work toward, the same behaviors will continue.

        It seems to be a vicious cycle of victory over tyranny, generations who forget tyranny, tyranny rising, and either defeat or victory over tyranny. No matter what government happens to be in power.


      2. And yet we evolve continuously even repeating the same patterns….. however it is a very slow progress…. success doesn’t come with the first batch; it is a long and a hard road spanning over millennia and not decades …

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  6. Are you familiar with Tree Hugger? One reason I subscribe is the combination of statistical information about issues such as poverty AND stories about individuals and groups innovating against it. Personally, I’d love to see us all grow at least some of our own food – to reestablish that fundamental contact with the provision of our basic needs. Anyway, thank you for your visit earlier.


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